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(Empire of Sleep, Regency of the Glass Castle)

This work is meant as a goodbye, a big wide wave
I have spent the better part of my life writing and performing music, and while I don't intend to stop doing those things, I do think this will be the last under the Ʌ alias.
Through these songs, I have explored the sounds and textures I have spent the passed years developing. From my classical training as a pianist and composer, to the hip-hop darkwave, the north African rhythms that have have been the cornerstones for my works, and the southern American swamp blues tonality I have always had resonance with.
This is also an important milestone for me, personally.
Some of the lyric liners will read "From the Spirit House", these are songs where both the lyrics and the music were 100% improvised (a la my other project "Abe Sada" these are places where I felt completely honest and very free, so I hope you feel that too.
When there are lyrics, they are my most straightforward and my most personal, and perhaps it is a strange idea to include them, but honesty is important in work.
I would like to thank absolutely everyone who has helped me write, produce, and bought works from me to allow me to continue working.
I would like to thank the countless artists who have been instrumental and inspirational to me throughout the years.
This album will be released on cassette later this year with extra tracks, and if you are on my mailing list, I will be sending out that info when its available


released August 24, 2012

All songs written, performed, and produced by X.S.V. with the exception of "Hopelessness" which has lyrics written and performed by MAGZILLA.



all rights reserved


SOFIA RETA Baltimore, Maryland

"It is a luxury to hate"

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Track Name: The Regency at Mt. Erebus
All my life, I am waiting for the end
All my life, I am waiting for the end

All my life, I am waiting for the end
Save me from sweeter hopes
I should be around
Hold me inside

Waiting for the end
We're alive but
I'm waiting for the end
Save me from me
Keep me from me
Save me from my hope
And let me, save me from the end
Track Name: Song for Egypt
Holding to fight a style
There was a prince in older me
Have to,
Have a gleaming
I see me
But no other way
I'm pleased to grow up again
I'm pleased to grow up again
Track Name: Hopelessness Ft. MAGZILLA
Feelin strange about the state of things
space phone
future rings
hoplessness a hopeful place
laced throne
new kings

and I think, do they really need it?
do they know what the magic is,
know what to feed it?
someone give a lesson,
do they know what the creed is?
you can lock the door,
but we know where the key is

cause there's two kind a digital shaman
solar power gods
and them minions, more common
you gotta turn em on, and
before we meet in the street
make you step to our beat
nose bleed take a seat
make ya drop to your feet
cast spells while you sleep
and you wake up in the deep end
this is all a dream
it's not what it seems
let me slow down know and tell you what I mean

How I end up dealin with these internet twerps
watch me throw chapagne on them internet shirts
internet hurts
when your only net worth
is a couple weak lines
and producers up your skirt

BOOM I can rap
BOOM BOOM I can rap
BOOM cut the crap 'fore I send this track back
take heat when you approachin all that internet fame
internet games
for them internet dames
internet flames
talkin dirty on aim
things won't change if your method stays the same

cause we grow from the earth
we got our feet in the sand
our roots in the dirt
but we got hardware in our hands

how we do
we on the loose you see us in the news

like hexbeam cast them visual curses
and the bathaus crew is driving the hearses

now ride the ARC to the other side
better run like hell, you got blood in your eyes
now ride the ARC to the other side,
better run like hell, you got blood in your eyes
Track Name: Harold
I walked to the fireside
To watch me grow up
And I threw my middle away
For a single night
I walked to the fireside
And I watched my father dip
His hand into
Never blacker waters
When he saw his face
He broke the mark
Never felt so alone
Never did he did
Watched his mother fade away
Never float never stay
Older anyway
Track Name: A Comforting Routine
How does it feel to be wrong?
Do you think that you
Deserve more love?
Maybe when I felt, feel so dumb
I just slide it down for you
Now you're stuck in your misery

"We'll fall, oh. Stop it"
Track Name: Acropolis in Blue
Track Name: The Archer
To be here without a single bone
Left to an ivory, familial tone
Where the knot of your finger
Could barely fit in a ring
What's left is very little
And smaller still are the rites
You've insisted I perform

I'll continue to resist
And remove myself from view
You've become vile and everything
That means beside

I'm not sure you fooled my body
I'll sure I'll be lonely
I'm sure you fooled my childish hope

I'm not sure you fooled my body
I'm sure I'll come back
Just enough to be
Sold into your slavery

I'm never going to the party
Employ your shy, forgiven gut
If only I
Never see you again
I'll never have to do it

Sever me from the sun
If only I
Never see you love again
Shy is the finger never again
A clearing with the apples
Now I'm pissing in the boots
No, should be alone
No, that's the only way
Track Name: Pollux, Without his Twin
Track Name: West, Amundsen Sea
Track Name: Humiliation, Another Dream in Eroticism
Black bloomed in his palm
Rubbed my anus with his thumb
Caught my tedious spirit
With his tongue

Black bloomed in his palm
Cradled my relentless home
And smacked my throat
With a sweet or sour treat

We should be clean
But I'd rather you humiliate me

Black bloomed in his palm
A for a million nights
I'll be the bird, the wild light

Black bloomed in his palm
Some exotic garden
Should wilt in the heat

We should be clean
But I'd rather you humilate me
Track Name: Adelaide Isle, Fossil Bluff
You used to be an actor
In a spotlight of hate
In bow, his face a jagged rot
I've already forgiven you
I have already left you
And your hideous archery to
The wayside
Where the rest of your cold
All could sink into you
And through the poison
I've finally believed you
Maybe I'm born to.
You will never fully love again
I hope you get less than that
Oh, maybe they'll love you too
I guess I knew it
Will them, it's standing alone.
Track Name: The Stack
So we know what it feels like to be alone
And waiting for an answer, but I'm never going to get it
Now at curtain-call
Swoon in the spirit-house
We all strive
If that's dying
I'm finally done
Sound unlike
Any words or
A fountain
Would you save me from my hope?
Could you save me from my hope?
Would you save me from my hope?
And let me lie
And maybe hold him
So my love don't mean
Anything done
You've watched me come
It's not going to be like that
Oh, be like that